Parking Services

Online Registration for 2018-2019 parking permits: 

1.  Register your vehicle or bicycle online using the same credentials as WebAccess. If you are unable to login please email:  (Commuters and F/S registering more than one vehicle must complete each one separately by logging out and in again).

2 . Review the confirmation email received after successfully registering your vehicle.  This email contains important information for obtaining your permit.

3. Obtain your permit and permanently affix to the lower, left side of the driver's side rear window.

4. Please review the Parking Rules and Regulations.  Please direct questions to:

Enter all information exactly from your vehicle registration.

Handicap registrations will need to be done in person at Parking Services with the original documentation. 

Online Students, Resident Directors, Resident Chaplains, Executive members of SGA and CAB: Please do not register online, contact for instructions. These permits are not available online.